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Tips for Keeping Your Roof Intact Prior To a Storm

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A roof plays a crucial protection role during extreme weather conditions. Some of the extreme casualties and losses can be avoided by fixing a roof prior to a storm. Here are a few tips that will protect you and your home by keeping your roof intact prior to a storm:

Contact Roofing Professionals

It can be quite daunting to figure out if your roof is strong enough to withstand the storm. In such cases, roofing professionals conduct and inspect. They identify any weak areas such as unsecured shingles, clearing tree branches and debris, bracing installation and vent inspection. The first step is to check if the exterior parts of your roof are damaged or not well secured. Ensure that nothing is blocked, lose or problematic. Check for any hanging debris, trees, blocked gutters and the edges. Exterior check-up ensures that no further damage is made to your property or to your neighbor’s when the harsh winds begin. You can opt to clear the mess or hire a roof contractor to do it. The latter is a worthwhile investment especially if you are not sure if your roof is in the best condition

Remove And Trim Hanging Tree Branches

There is a high chance that there is one or more trees in your compound. In some cases, the trees grow tall thus the branches hang against your roof. Getting rid or trimming these hanging branches is recommended prior to a storm. During the windstorms, these hanging branches can damage flashing and vents, knock out gutters and lift shingles. This makes it easier for weather elements to cause extensive damage on your property. Taking this precaution will also save you the expensive repairs after the storm is over.

Underside Roof Inspection In Attic

This inspection is often recommended for houses whose roof peak at the center forming an A-shape. There are a few things that you should look out for prior to a storm with this kind of roofing. Proceed to the attic for the underside inspection of your roof. Check for any roof sheathing which is often caused by material used such as plywood is not well secured. Use nails to reinforce and establish a strong and secure roof trusses. It is also advisable to install horizontal wooden beams equivalent to your roof’s length for truss bracing for maximum support. Remember to wear gloves, protective clothing, and googles. Also, use a strong platform to stand while at it.

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